Pan India Engineering Division provides Sales, Installation, Commission and Maintenance for Railway's Mechanical, Electrical and Track Directorates, Oil and Gas Sector, Steel Plants, Ordinance Factories, PSU's like BEML, BHEL, NTPC, Ports, Mines, Shipyards etc.

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   Rolling Stock and Components
  •  Coaches. Wagons and Shunters.
  •  Shock Absorbers
  •  Helical Springs and Rubber Metal Bonded Components
  •  Coupler, Sleeve, Anti Roll Bar & Fork Control Arm
  •  Wheel Set Earthing Equipment
  •  Other Bogie and Coach Components
  •  Smoke and Fire Detection System
  •  Brake Pad
  •  Electrical Connectors
  •  Biological Toilets
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   Wheel Shop & Workshop Machinery/Equipments
  •  Spring Tester for measuring “side Load” with High Repeatability
  •  Compression Tests on Railway Bogies
  •  Coil Spring Scragging and Load Deflection Testing Machine
  •  Compression Test on Railway Springs
  •  Under Floor and Above Floor Wheel Lathe(Portal/Surface)
  •  Wheel Set Press
  •  Underfloor Lifting Jacks (Pit Jacks)
  •  Synchronized Mobile Jacks.
  •  Turntables for Bogie, Wheelset, Locomotives & Coaches
  •  Bogie Measuring Test Stand
  •  Ultrasound Examination of Wheels & Hollow Shaft.
  •  Damper Testing Machine & Maintenance Tools.
  •  Abrasive Belt Grinding, Satin Finishing & Polishing Machine
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   Machinery Tools, Engineering Tools and Implements
  •  Various Types of Turning, Boring, Milling & Grinding Machines
  •  Hydraulic Jacks, Pumps, Hoses & Accessories
  •  Oil & Gas Field Equipment and Components
  •  Non-Sparking Tools, Measuring Tools
  •  High Quality Tools & Power Bits
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   Track Inspection and Maintenance Systems
  •  Self propelled ultrasonic rail testing car Machines
  •  Rail Grinding Machine
  •  Rail Profits & Track Geometry Measuring System
  •  Light weight rail drilling machines
  •   Small ballast bleaning machines.
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